Rinaldo Sassi        

Rinaldo Sassi graduated with top honours in Economics and Business at the University of Parma. Drawing on experience accumulated at Banca Popolare di Verona, he established “Erre Esse Associati”, a strategy and business consulting firm. He has also been a director of investment holding companies owned by investment funds and firms.

In the academic world, he has been an adjunct lecturer in Finance at the University of Bologna – Faculty of Economics in Rimini and subject expert in Corporate Finance at the University of Parma, Faculty of Economics and Business.

Rinaldo is currently an adjunct professor in Finance and Risk Management (FRIM) at the SEA Department of the University of Parma.

Rinaldo is a Founding Partner of Scouting Capital Advisors, the CEO of Scouting Spa and CEO of Tra Partners Scouting SIM Spa.